New for 2017 - VIRTUAL VOTING for the People's Choice award!

Our contestants have worked very hard on their edible interpretations of "Home for the Holidays". Our judges have made their choices based on overall appearance, creativity, precision, difficulty interpreataton of theme.

Now it is time for the People to choose their favorite!

The winner of the People’s Choice category is determined by popular vote of the public. Each "vote" costs $1.

Votes can be cast in 2 ways:

  • Voters may purchase tickets at the Front Desk to stuff the ballot box of their favorite contest entry; or 
  • Voters may cast their votes online by clicking on a house below to make a tax-deductible donation with a credit card.  

There is no limit to the number of votes you can cast, and the WINNER of the People's Choice Award will receive half of the cash equivalent of the total number of votes cast.  

Voting is open at the studio & online from Monday, December 4th until 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, December 9th.  

All proceeds from this contest benefit the programs of Suwanee Performing Arts and its performers. Thank you so much for your generous support.



"Gingerdad ate the house". by Jordan Spencer

WINNER: 8 & under

HOUSE #2  

"Performer's Home Away from Home for te Holidays". by Mia Blackman, Jordan Bock, Eva Caputo & Taylor Lindberg.

WINNER: 9 - 13 yrs old


"Unicorn Princess Castle named Cara". by Maddie Pennington

Runner up: 8 & under

HOUSE #4  

"Thanksgiving". by Chris Waggener  

Runner up: 14 & up

HOUSE #5  

"A Baseball Player's Favorite Home for the Holidays". by the Bock family

Runner up: (tie) Family

HOUSE #6  

"If Only In My Dreams". by Roberta Bock  

WINNER: 14 & up

HOUSE #7  

"Home For the Whos". by the Boatwell family  

Runner up: (tie) family

HOUSE #8  

"Home for the Holidays - Music & Military". by the Snyder family  

WINNER: family

HOUSE #9  

"Home for the Holidays". by Patty Etherton & Bernie Bock Davis

HOUSE #10  

"Snoopy's Home for the Holidays". by Eden Miller